People who choose the academic path, are indeed privileged people. And even though it can be kind of a lottery thing: education can either go right or it can go wrong, even when it does go wrong, it still enriches one’s worldview and makes them more eager to look through someone else’s point of view.


Design practitioners reflect on the value of formal education

The last episode of my interview series on the purpose of academic education comes full circle to where I started my exploration on the topic. For this iteration, I met three truly unique designers, all from very different parts of the world, all pursuing different career paths within art and…

Education stimulates curiosity. That doesn’t mean that people who haven’t followed a conventional education path aren’t curious; it’s just that academia concentrates curiosity and provides an environment for it to thrive.


Design practitioners reflect on the value of formal education

In episode #4 of my interview sequence, I continue the discussion on the value of education with two very accomplished and extremely talented designers:

Adrian (Adi) Constantin, Product Designer and Art Director, Romania native, based in Germany.

Camilo Hidalgo, Graphic Designer & Art Director, Colombia native, based in Finland.


Many people, me included, have been brought up to believe that one of the benefits of formal education is increasing one’s confidence and self-esteem. That is true and it’s not bad in itself as long as this is not the main reason why someone would go for academic training.


Design practitioners reflect on the value of formal education

Going deeper into the conversation on the value of (design) education, I am joined by three extraordinary female designers, coming from different design disciplines and backgrounds:

Jenny Kan, Creative Strategist & Art Director, design lead and a great mentor, based in the Netherlands, well-versed in creative leadership, design thinking, user…

University provides a safe bubble where one can build, experiment, prototype and question without the usual constraints of real-life.


Design practitioners reflect on the value of formal education

In this episode of my article series on the value of design education, it is my pleasure to present my conversations with three outstanding designers:

Rick Veronese, product UX/UI designer, Italy native, until recently based in the UK. Rick works with startup companies within the fintech domain, he is an…

Many of the designers I interviewed for my research on the value of education told me that they appreciated their university years to a great degree because of the community of like-minded people whom one can learn from and grow alongside.


Design practitioners reflect on the value of formal education

Following on from my original article on the importance of formal (design) education, I am now jumping off to the more practical side of my exploration, namely the absolutely fascinating conversations that I had with 13 design practitioners. Picking their brains about the value of academic training, the relationship between…

Education can be beneficial in many ways but we should also approach it with great care if we want to make a worthwhile choice.


What is the value of formal education?

Along with the debate about the future of work, a lot of attention has recently been paid to the way traditional education should/will evolve in the near future. The question of whether one needs a degree in order to become a good professional or land a good job (both of…

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Why design shouldn’t be detached from ethics and how can designers advocate for a more genuine human-centered design?

Ethics is a tricky word. As soon as we mention it, the conversation suddenly becomes awkward. Probably because nowadays, ethics amounts to reading incomprehensible texts on moral and political philosophy. Who needs ethics anyway? Every time I say that we should be careful with disruptive technologies like autonomous transportation, people…

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Your work is not precious

Design is like learning a new language — if you understand the basics, you’ll have what it takes to become an expert at it. …

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