• Silvio Verrier

    Silvio Verrier

    I don’t care about titles but I do care about ethical brands and design. Designer code of Ethics & Society Centered Design preacher.

  • Jordan Dalladay-Simpson

    Jordan Dalladay-Simpson

    Design leader at BCG Digital Ventures. Personal reflections on design, business, and leadership from a decade of start-up building. Views are my own.

  • Sebastian Gier

    Sebastian Gier

    Strategic Experience Design / Podcasting on www.designdrives.org / Designing at BMW Group Design / www.sebastiangier.com

  • Libby Connolly

    Libby Connolly

  • Stefano Bellucci Sessa

    Stefano Bellucci Sessa

    Designer at FutureGov, helping organisations create experiences that improve the world we live in.

  • Petia Koleva

    Petia Koleva

    UX/Web Designer at http://webadviser.io / Blogger @ http://designify.me ******* Find me @ https://rolltop.io/direct/petia ********

  • Jason Aro

    Jason Aro

    Money, Passive Income, Beginner Investing. Get a FREE stock up to $500 from Robin Hood Investing App on me! Click Here http://bit.ly/RedeemFreeStocks

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